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Recent Purchases

I was at a new and used bookstore that I like to frequent and I found The Very Thought of You and Much Ado in the Moonlight in the stacks. They were almost hidden but I found them! Triumph! I would've bought more, but that's all the Lynn novels they currently had in stock.

I'm looking forward to reading them. ^_^

Kurland is love!

How sad to see such a non-active community for such a wonderful author! I just discovered her through When I Fall in Love, but I'm hopelessly hooked and working my way through her other books.

What is everyone's favorite?

Chat's with LynnK @ WIFIL

She'll be doing two chats in May at the Writerspace chatrooms, both at 9pm EST:

May 2 with just Lynn
May 10 with Lynn and other Berkley/Jove authors

I'm sure there will be talk about "When I Fall In Love", which was released 4/24, and is Nicholas de Piaget and Jennifer McKinnon's story!