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Loyal Lynnatics

For fans of author Lynn Kurland

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A community for all Lynn Kurland fans to discuss her books.
a dance through time, a garden in-the rain, a tapestry of spells, a time for love, a whisper of spring, and-the groom wore tulle, another chance to dream, de piaget, dreams of stardust, fiction, from this moment on, gift of christmas past, icing on the cake, if i had you, lynn kurland, macleod, more i see you, much ado in-the moonlight, my heart stood still, nine kingdoms, one enchanted evening, princess of the sword, romance, spellweaver, star of the morning, stardust of yesterday, tale of-the two swords, the mage's daughter, the three wise ghosts, the traveller, this-is all i ask, time travel, time-travel, to kiss in-the shadows, very thought of you, when i fall in-love, with every breath