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"Till There Was You"

Out April 28th!

Amazon has the short blurb available, names Zach's match-up. =)

Till There Was You


1. Zach's book is due out next May! Woot!

2. The third Nine Kingdoms fantasy book, Princess of the Sword is due out January 2009.

3. The fansite has been updated.


New Book

Has anyone read the new book? I am in the UK and will have to order it online or get a friend to send it to me, but wondering if its worth rushing it or not lol!

No spoilers please!!!

Another Chance To Dream

Lately it seems it's been difficult to get into any book, even a Lynn Kurland romance since I've not really been in the mood for romance. However, I read a little more into ACTD and wouldn't you know that I got hooked on the story. I thought that I'd put it down for the day, but the last scene I had read was when Alain strikes Gwen in front of Rhys. That scene kept running through my mind during the next hour and I realized that I just had to know what happened after that point. Now I'm about in the middle of the book now. I must admit that Ms. Kurland has surprised me. I thought that I had part of her formula figured out, but Gwen's decision to give Rhys her "virtue" on the night before her wedding caught me off guard. The books that I had read up to this point always had the heroine losing her virginity with her lover after she had married the hero, not before she was to wed someone else. I really just wanted to comment on that bit.

Well, I'm off to read some more!

Which should I read next?

I came home from the bookshop with a few more LK novels. Of my seven owned LK novels I have only read one of them. I can't decide which one I should read next! They all sound so good. Hence I have chosen to ask my fellow fans which would be the best book to indulge in for my next romance read. I have the following novels:

From This Moment On
My Heart Stood Still
If I Had You
The Very Thought of You
Much Ado in the Moonlight
Another Chance To Dream

Any suggestions would be helpful. ^_^
Hey all  I'm Nicole =) Thanks romantic_envy for letting me know about this community =) I absolutely love Lynn Kurland! My fav is Stardust of Yesterday =) Kendrick is just too adorable...what about everyone else??

When all else fails...

Over the past couple of weeks I've been having trouble deciding what to read. I just didn't know what I was in the mood for. Every book I picked up wasn't given much attention. Don't get me wrong these were great stories, but I just wasn't in the mood for them after all. Sometimes I wondered if I'd ever finish another book, haha!

Then I decide to indulge in one of my unread Kurland novels. I was hoping to get a few more and go on a big Kurland reading binge over my Christmas vacation. ^_~ I picked up Dreams of Stardust and was hooked. I only lack about 100 pages until it's finished, which will most likely be tonight. Ms. Kurland continues to rejuvenate (is this the right word? I don't know!) my reading appetite when I need it most.

Has anyone else found themselves turning toward a Lynn Kurland novel when all else fails to attract you?

New book title change

Sunny Phillips' book, Every Lovely Summer's Day has been retitled With Every Breath.

Apparently the text was too long for cover art. lol

Adding to the Lynn fandom.

I've deprived myself from going shopping for books for so long that I finally couldn't take it and decided to visit the bookshop before coming home from college. First I called ahead to see if they had any Kurland novels in stock and I asked them to hold the one they had. It was Another Chance To Dream. I also found some other gems that I had been interested in getting while I was there so all was good.

So many times I find myself disappointed by romance authors. I found several fairly new romances at a library book sale and didn't like most of them afterwards. I don't buy unknown authors anymore... but I automatically buy Lynn's books. I didn't even take the time to flip over my latest to read the blurp on the back, something almost unheard of. I'm just like... MINE! Is anyone else this way?

New books...

FYI, Lynn's next book, The Mage's Daughter, will be out January 2008.

And the next romance will be Sunny Philips' story (Madelyn's sister from A Garden in the Rain), and is slated for April/May 2008 release, titled Every Lovely Summer's Day. The only other tidbit LK has leaked is it'll be set in Scotland.

2008 seems so far away now.... LOL